Everybody aims to wear an awesome costume for Halloween. Some go for scary dresses, some go for funny dresses, and some go for classy with different types of bags. So why not wear a Velma costume to make your Halloween special?

A Velma costume would be the best fit for teenagers because they want to look good and classy. And It is perfect for that! You can buy Velma Halloween costume easily from amazon, or you can also make them.

Velma from Scooby doo

Velma has been the favourite cartoon star of the kids since the early 2000s. People not only loved its character, but they loved its costume as well. Velma and shaggy is a cute cartoon couple who is Scooby’s best friend.

Velma was brilliant in the team, always eager to solve the mysteries. She had glasses and a dashing costume with an excellent mind to solve the cases. Her outfit is one of the best comic con costumes. 

You can buy this whole outfit from amazon, but if you have some things already in your closet, then you should buy the rest.

Making Velma costume

You should have six items to make Velma Scooby doo costume this Halloween. And it’s pretty simple!

Velma Sweater

To make Wilma Scooby doo costume, the first thing you need to grab is an orange sweater. Velma costume has an orange sweater, which makes her elegant.

It is a full-sleeve sweater with a thick collar or a turtle neck. Vela also wore low cutter sweater in some episodes of the Scooby doo series. So, it is up to you what you like.


Velma Glasses

The Velma costume is incomplete without her glasses. Velma’s eyeglasses are pretty different from standard glasses, as her glasses were square and had a slight curve at the corners. These glasses will make you look significant.

These glasses have a thick black frame, making them slightly nerdy. But, still, nothing would resemble more to Velma than her glasses.

Velma glasses

Velma Skirt

You would need a skirt to look like Velma on your Halloween. If the skirt is bright red, then it will look the same as Velma’s skirt. It should be almost two inches above your knees. That makes it the perfect skirt for Velma’s Halloween costume.

Velma skirt

Velma Socks

To look like Velma, you should get a pair of knee-high socks. And if you want the socks to look original, then these should be identical to her sweater’s colour. Make sure that the material of the socks must be thin.

Velma socks

Velma Shoes

Getting yourself a pair of shoes as part of your Halloween costume is necessary. These shoes should have a strap over the foot. The boots should be red. And if you want to make it accurately, then you must need to have a platform sole.

Velma shoes

Velma Hair Wig

The last component which completes the whole Velma costume is the Velma hair wig, but if you are a brunette with hairs above your shoulders. Then you don’t need a wig. But, if you don’t have these features. Then you should order one with these qualities.

velma hair wig

This Halloween costume would look elegant on you. I hope this article helps you.

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